Rebirth: Didn’t Love You Enough

Hello, I’m quite new to translating so I’ll be translating this novel and updating every Friday. I’ll most likely be able to update frequently, hopefully. So thank you for the support!!

Title: Rebirth: Didn’t Love You Enough [重生之宠你不够]

Author: Zui Ai Miao Miao [最爱喵喵]

Chapters: 56 Chapters



This is the story about the rebirth of a xiao gōng with a sweet steamed bun-like xiao shòu.

In the past life, xiao shòu, in order to help xiao gōng block a poisonous blade, ended up dying due to blood loss.

After the rebirth of xiao gōng, xiao shòu was loved till overflowing.

This is a cliche story which is warm, sweet, no abuse.

*cliche = the word was 梗是老梗, which 老梗 is a chinese term that means something so commonly said that it’s no longer new. It is usually used to describe manhuas or variety shows where a person does the same thing so often than it’s became cliche or old.

Table of Contents

Chapter 01

Chapter 02

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