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Chapter 1 – Past Life

Qi Dynasty, Thirty-third year.

In the study room of XuanDe Palace Hall, a middle-aged man wearing bright yellow dragon robes is very concentratedly drawing. On the piece of paper, is a young boy dressed in the palace attendant uniform with a slender figure, delicate pretty face. That adolescent stood at the small pavilion, painting delicately with a small smile.

“Yuan Fu, come and look, Zhèn[1] drew it alike or not?” XuanYuan Han Cheng[2] asked the Internal Head Eunuch[3], Yuan Fu, who stood next to him. Yuan Fu has worked for more than thirty over years as an Internal Head Eunuch, his age compared to the emperor’s is more than a few years older. With white hair on both sides and a face is covered with deep wrinkles, Yuan Fu secretly sighs in his heart as he replied: “Replying His Imperial Majesty[4], this servant vaguely sees the resemblance of Lin Guìrén during adolescence.”

“Is it alike?” XuanYuan Han Cheng mutters. In actuality, the appearance of the adolescent is already somewhat blurry in his memory. The most deeply remembered memory of the young boy is that he has a pair of big watery eyes and a pair of small dimples. When smiling, the appearance looks very lovely and cute. Remembering the adolescent’s final smile, dyed in blood, on the night of the incident thirty years ago. Just thinking of it, it still makes his heart aches.

Yuan Fu knew that the emperor was, once again, thinking about Lin Guìrén[5]. Today is the emperor’s birth anniversary[6]. Originally, for the emperor’s birth anniversary, the inner palace is supposed to host a banquet as a congratulatory. But in these thirty years, the emperor’s birth anniversary had become a taboo in the palace. What happened thirty years ago on the day of the emperor’s birth anniversary has constantly been kept secretive by palace servants who knew of the incident.

Thirty years ago, XuanYuan Han Cheng, in order to celebrate his 25th birth anniversary, had especially hosted an imperial banquet led by the most favourited, ShuFēi[7]. ShuFēi was originally the daughter of a 5th Pin State Official which was assigned to him, who was Crown Prince then, as a concubine. Xu XueYing is an appearance-wise, beautiful lady with a water-like gentle personality who was dearly adored by XuanYuan Han Cheng. If it wasn’t for ShuFēi’s childless state all this while, XuanYuan Han Cheng would have sealed her as a GuìFēi[8] long ago.

XuanYuan Han Cheng’s Empress, Xue Cai Yu was the Grand Empress Dowager Xue Shi’s niece, betrothed to him by his Imperial Grandfather before passing away. After Xue Shi’s succession, the Ministry of Personnel from the Department of State Affairs then became an ally[9]. XuanYuan Han Cheng’s Imperial Father, XuanYuan Zhao Shen was the third prince of the previous Emperor and the first-born son of previously Empress Wang who died during labour due to internal haemorrhage. After that, the previous Emperor elected the dearly adored and reputable Xue Shi in succession. Xue Shi then further risked her venerable self for the previous emperor and gave birth to the 10th prince, XuanYuan Zhao Hong. XuanYuan Zhao Hong is the previous Emperor’s old birth son[10], compared to XuanYuan Han Cheng is only a year older.

The previous emperor, greedy for power -political position- and partial to the youngest child of Xue Shi, was tardily and unwilling to establish a Crown Prince, therefore, causing the princes to split and struggle very intensely. In the end, the eldest prince of the previous Emperor allied with the fifth prince to force the Emperor to abdicate the throne, killing the second prince and was ultimately suppressed by the third prince which was XuanYuan Han Cheng’s Imperial Father.

The previous Emperor was shocked and angered until he became gravely ill. Helpless with no other options, he could only pass the throne to XuanYuan Zhao Shen. Although Xue Shi’s youngest child is also a prince however at that moment, XuanYuan Zhao Hong was only 15 years old. Even if he has the will, he has no capabilities.

Thus, Xue Shi requested for the previous Emperor to seal XuanYuan Zhao Hong as Lì Wáng[11], granting him a resourceful and wealthy land and even betrothing Xue Shi’s niece to the Crown Prince, XuanYuan Han Cheng. These years, Xue Jiā has been continuously increasing their influence in the Imperial Court, constantly helping Lì Wáng make some small movements secretly. It was not until the death of the Grand Empress Dowager that Xue Jiā somewhat converged. XuanYuan Han Cheng had always wanted to remove Xue Jiā however because the imperial court already has Xue Jiā ‘s twisted roots and intertwined joints[12], therefore, nothing could be done to strike it.

Therefore, compared with the Empress who is courteous toward each other like guests, the gentle and beautiful ShuFēi occupied a special place in his heart.

Never had he thought that the dance performance arranged by ShuFēi, after the end of the performance, as the elegantly dancing lead dancer stepped forward to receive the reward. From the dancer’s sleeve, a white light flashed, and a blueish reflective sharp sword thrust towards him. That sword, upon first sight, is evidently coated with poison. The guards nearby hurriedly guarded while at the same time, a few dancers from the dance troupe sprung forward to confront the guards. For a moment, the screams of the palace consorts and the yelling of guards resonate in the palace. The dancers from the dance troupe who was previously delicately lovely dissipated and was instead replaced with extremely skilled martial users. Provoking death with every move, serving blows with no mercy[13]. As the sharp sword which target is directed at XuanYuan Han Cheng, came close to stabbing him, abruptly, at this moment, a person threw themselves on XuanYuan Han Cheng’s chest and obstructed the incoming poisonous sword.

During the critical moment, the palace’s Imperial Guard Commander, Ling Zhengfeng, arrived hurriedly with a group of Imperial Guards[14]. Due to a large number of Imperial Guards, the assassins gradually weaken, and after, the guards joined to kill the assassins until they reached XuanYuan Han Cheng and screened him to a safer place. In a short moment, the assassins were contained. Although most of the assassins captured had immediately committed suicide nevertheless there is still a small number of assassins who was captured alive.

Only at this moment did XuanYuan Han Cheng clearly looked at the person, who had been dyed with blood, in his arms. That person was someone he never expected – Lin Guìrén, Lin Anzhú.

Short warning alert!!! There is a really slight mentioning of rape in the paragraph. (O.O)

Lin Guìrén was a twin baby[15]. When XuanYuan Han Cheng was still a Crown Prince, he once got drunk and accidentally saw him, dressed in a palace attendant uniform, with a lovable appearance. Unknowingly why, his heart stirred, and he took the opportunity of the drunkenness to forcefully obtained him[16]. Later, his Imperial Mother gave Lin Anzhú to him as a xiao shì[17]. In the beginning, he had once been fond for a moment too, however, among the various pretty concubines, especially with the existence of a pleasant and gentle Xu XueYing, naturally, Lin Anzhú wouldn’t be a special one no matter how.

Warning ended !!! (^-^)

When he came back from the battlefield, he found out that Lin Anzhú miscarried because he slipped and fell into the water along with the news that it will be difficult to have future pregnancy. For the him who sparsely have heir, he was very disappointed with Lin Anzhú who miscarried his child carelessly. Gradually, he became indifferent towards him. Lin Anzhú’s person is reserved and well-behaved who does not know how to seek favour, moreover his miscarriage gave him a huge psychological shock, therefore, he has been very broken-hearted and self-loathing. His character became more reserved, not seeking any fondness, such an unloved xiao shì slowly faded out of XuanYuan Han Cheng’s the sight. Until he was enthroned, he has only sealed him as minor Guìrén.

The person in his arms was much lighter than the impression given. Due to the chills caused by the sudden blood loss, the body in the arms trembled relentlessly, and the wounds have already started to turn black. XuanYuan Han Cheng’s heart immediately became flustered as he anxiously sees the facial features on his face slowly started to bleed. “Hurry! Quickly call the Imperial Physician.” Gently caressing the face, which is dyed in blood, no matter how it is wiped, the blood never disappears.

“Don’t be afraid, the Imperial Physician will arrive immediately. Don’t be afraid…” Rather than saying he is consoling the person in his arms; it would be better said that he is consoling himself. XuanYuan Han Cheng has never been so panic-stricken before, feeling that he is slowly losing something important in his heart. Lin Anzhú opened his blood-dyed mouth as if wanting to say something but he helplessly couldn’t make a sound. He struggled to smile at him as if telling him not to worry with his eyes full of regret, accompanied by blood on his face, a ghastly sight.

Lin Anzhú profoundly took a glimpse of XuanYuan Han Cheng before he slowly closed his eyes.

“No…no…” XuanYuan Han Cheng shouted out of control.

“His Imperial Majesty, the Imperial Physician has arrived.” The guard who accompanied several Imperial Physician from the Imperial Physician Institute[18] forwardly report.

“Hurry… Hurry, treat Lin Guìrén.” XuanYuan Han Cheng ushered.

 The Imperial Physician Institute’s Chief Physician looked at the Emperor’s nervous appearance, took a step forward to examine and found that the person in the Emperor’s arms had already stopped breathing.

“His Imperial Majesty, Lin Guìrén suffered from a highly toxic poison and already passed away. Please do not grieve too much, His Imperial Majesty.”

XuanYuan Han Cheng holds Lin Anzhú and looked at him straightly without speaking. At this time, the Imperial Concubines who recovered, seven mouth eight tongue[19], profusely advanced to express their concern. The Empress asked, “His Imperial Majesty, His Imperial Majesty are you alright?”

ShuFēi moved forward and saw XuanYuan Han Cheng’s abnormal expression, with a mournful face, cautious and solemnly approached. “His Imperial Majesty, you are not injured, right.  Just now, chén qiè[20] was worried to death. Thanks to Lin Guìrén, otherwise… I’m afraid…”

XuanYuan Han Cheng looked at the Imperial Concubines surrounding him which mostly is still have a frightened expression after the calamity. The Empress is, just as in the past, still as dignified and calm while ShuFēi, Xu XueYing, was already weeping like raindrops on a pear blossom[21]. SongFēi and YuFēi guarding their respective daughters, which were also his only heirs as of the present,  did not step forward. Once again looking at the person in the arms again, Lin Guìrén’s seat was not very forward. In such a dangerous situation at that moment, he did not know what kind of courage made him block the sword for himself, regardless of perils.

The Imperial Guards Commander, Ling Zhengfeng, approached, “His Imperial Majesty, among the arrested, there is a total of four living ones.” The guards on the side kept the assassins,  which was unarmed, in control.

“Take them down, you personally go interrogate, make sure to you acquire the instigator. From now onward, seal the city gates and immediately send people to search for suspicious personnel in the palace. Authorise the capital city’s military barrack to dispatch troops and search the capital city.” As for the instigator behind the assassination, he already has a suspicion in his heart, it must be related to his Imperial Uncle, Lì Wáng. However, as to how these assassins manage to infiltrate into the palace and attempt to assassinate him on his birth anniversary, must be figured out immediately.

“Yuan Fu, take Lin Guìrén and a give him a proper burial, Lin Guìrén died to protect Zhèn, therefore, seal him as Lin GuìJūn[22].” XuanYuan Han Cheng forced himself to calm down, he knew that Lin Anzhú had always loved him, his death caused XuanYuan Han Cheng to be very upset. He really regretted his indifference towards him before and he vowed that he will avenge him.

As the interrogation result appear, these assassins were all mercenaries from Jiang Hú. Some person hired them to infiltrate the palace and assassinate. These people have not seen the instigator, but they all confessed that it is Palace Consort ShuFēi’s Head Palace Maid, Bi Zhu, that arranged for them to infiltrate the Emperor’s birth anniversary banquet through the dance troupe. All facts pointed directly to ShuFēi after Bi Zhu was taken away, she admitted that it was Palace Consort ShuFēi who hired those people of Jiang Hú from outside the palace to infiltrate and assassinate. After Xu XueYing learned of it, she pleaded injustice and said that she was framed by someone.

“Reporting to His Imperial Majesty, the guards in the palace had noticed there is a blueish smoke above Kunning Palace, it seems as if someone sent a signal outside the palace.” Yuan Fu heard the news from the guards, hurriedly informed the emperor.

“Come, arrange a trip to Kunning Palace.” He also does not believe that it was Xu XueYing who harmed him. If it’s the Empress, then everything made sense.

As the palace of the Empress, Kunning Palace is solemn and atmospheric. At this moment, Kunning Palace as if knowing the arrival of the Emperor, the inside and outside of the palace has already been brightly lit.

“His Imperial Majesty, you have arrived.” The Empress, Xue Cai Yu, sat uprightly at the main hall with a voice toned in coldness.

“The signal was sent to the Imperial Uncle, Lì Wáng, am I right. They must have secretly arrived in the capital. Why? Why? Xue Cai Yu, although you are the daughter of Xue Jiā, Zhèn has never mistreated you, from when you were the Crown Prince Consort, even I treat without fondness, still treated you with respect. Gave you the honour you ought to have and had also sealed you as the Empress after enthronement. Even if I clean up Xue Jiā in the future, as long as you remain content with your position, Zhèn is also unprepared to threaten your position as the Empress. Why did you still betray Zhèn?”

“Honour, what honour, the person whom you specifically pampered is that despicable person and I, the daughter of an aristocrat, also needed to be on equal footing with the daughter of a small officer. This is my so-called honour.” The Empress has long since lost her usual calmness and disregardless of her image, she shouted.

XuanYuan Han Cheng looked at the Empress’s presently frantic appearance. “Stop talking, you poisonous women. You, your own thoughts, are poisonous and yet wish to involve others. ShuFēi is much gentler and virtuous than you. I know that Bi Zhu is your people. Speak, is it you who told her to frame ShuFēi.”

“Bi Zhu was the people I arranged to be by that despicable women’s side from the very beginning. She is a capable one. He-he!” The next words of the Empress made XuanYuan Han Cheng heart anxious.

“Do you know as to why you only have two sick daughters currently? Your Palace Consort ShuFēi loved to bring tonic soups to court your favour. Every time, I instructed Bi Zhu to insert not little of medicines which are good for your future heirs. This is what Lì Wáng painstakingly searched for you. That’s why in these years, your heirs declined, even if you accidentally had one, it will also be weak and sickly.”

XuanYuan Han Cheng couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart. Turns out it is all because of this poisonous lady. He always thought that it was because in the past, he had spilt too much blood on the battlefield, and he murdered too many therefore causing his to scarcely have heirs.

The Empress ignored his murderous glance and continued: “Of course, among these miscarried children also contain the handiworks of your beloved consort. You really thought she is that good-natured. In these years, she regarded Bi Zhu as a confidant and secretly instructed her to do many things. All those concubines who miscarried were all caused by her poisonous actions. Otherwise, you think, how much power does a small officer’s daughter like her would have. If not because I secretly helped her, she would have slipped.” The Empress proudly stated.

“No, this is untrue.” XuanYuan Han Cheng does not believe that Xu XueYing would do this. Xu XueYing always had no children. She always said that she would care for his heirs as if they were her own. He even thought of giving Concubine Li’s daughter for her to rear however the child’s body has been too weak and therefore passed away after a series of continuous cold.

“If you do not believe, you can investigate it yourself. He-he. XuanYuan Han Cheng, you regard yourself as a good Emperor who is wise, courageous and independent. Haha, yet still ended up applaudingly getting toyed by the two of us ladies.”

“You had already married Zhèn, yet you still helped the Imperial Uncle, Lì Wáng. For all that you had done over these years, what benefits did you get. Once this assassination succeeded, do you know what your fate as the Empress will be?”

“Ever since young, I had accompanied the Grand Empress Dowager into the palace, therefore, I had known Lì Wáng earlier on. I… I’m in love with him. I am willing to do anything for him. When I married you as Crown Prince Consort, I knew that you wouldn’t allow me to birth a child whose veins carries the blood of Xue Jiā and I also do not wish to birth to your child. He-he. I willingly became Lì Wáng’s chess piece, helping him do things. For him, I do not mind anything.”

“Zhèn wants to divorce you!” XuanYuan Han Cheng heard that the Empress unexpectedly had a love affair with his Imperial Uncle, became consumed with anger.

“Honestly, which concubine in this palace does not covet fame nor fortune and is sincere towards you.” The Empress sneered at XuanYuan Han Cheng then shook her head. ” Those who were sincere to you, I’m afraid there is only one that is Lin Guìrén, that idiot, but he passed already, died thoroughly. Hahahaha!” XuanYuan Han Cheng heard the Empress mention Lin Anzhú, recalled of his death felt a moment of sadness in his heart.

“His miscarriage was also caused by your gentle and gracious Imperial Consort ShuFēi. Being pushed into the frozen lake during cold weathers, he could no longer have children. This Xu XueYing is really merciless, even a twin child was not spared.” As known that a twin child might birth a pair of twins[23], however, that Lin Guìrén was not favoured, therefore the threat to ShuFēi was not great.

“This kind of looked gentle as water yet viciously merciless woman, you still made beloved. Really is a pair of blind eyes[24].” The Empress shouted as if venting their resentment from these years to XuanYuan Han Cheng.

“Zhèn wants to abolish you, and Lì Wáng, and Xue Jiā. Zhèn will not pardon any.” XuanYuan Han Cheng was cut and bruised all over by the psychological shock caused the Empress’s series of words however the Emperor’s dignity did not allow him to show her his ridiculed state.

“Too late, too late. Once Lì Wáng saw the signal I sent, he would have known that the plan failed. Must have escaped from the capital earlier on, he would not be harmed. Hahahaha, Lì Wáng will definitely succeed!” After the Empress finished her words, she harshly hit her head on the pillar beside. Instantly started bleeding as the person slowly fell to the ground.

Yuan Fu approached and inspected the Empress’s breath.” His Imperial Majesty, the Empress, she… died.”

XuanYuan Han Cheng returned to the Imperial Study. Today, he went through too many things causing his temples ached dully. If what the Empress said is true, then in all these years he was wantonly toyed with like a fool in the harem. “Yuan Fu, let Zheng Rong come see Zhèn.” Zheng Rong was his shadow guard, commonly used to specifically inquire news from the courtiers at the Imperial Court and carry out secret missions.

“Seeing His Imperial Majesty.” Zheng Rong, not long after, had entered the Imperial Study.

“Go interrogate Bi Zhu separately. Investigate this clearly for me, Zhèn wants to know everything clearly. Start investigating from when Zhèn was still a Crown Prince.” XuanYuan Han Cheng instructed.

Lì Wáng received the signal and knew that the plan failed. Led the troops to fight their way out of the City Gate, fleeing to his territory. In the same year, the soldiers rebelled, and Lì Wáng swiftly conquered numerous surrounding cities as an independent monarch. Because of its rich materials and well-trained and powerful army, it was hard to attack. XuanYuan Han Cheng, therefore, held back for several years before he finally annihilated him. When he personally decapitated Lì Wáng, XuanYuan Zhao Hong, XuanYuan Han Cheng secretly muttered in his heart, “I have avenged you.” with no expression of joy after a victory.

Based on the information from Bi Zhu’s mouth, the shadow guard obtained various evidence of Imperial Consort ShuFēi’s murder conspiracy towards his heirs and once investigates, it was all true. Other than Imperial Consort ShuFēi, several other concubines’ matters were also known. The mutual feud between concubines were endless. When these crimes were placed in front of XuanYuan Han Cheng, XuanYuan Han Cheng laughed mockingly. Turns out there is none who is clean, even if there was no murder conspiracy of heirs, there are those who often took the palace eunuch and maids to vent anger, each holds countless death. XuanYuan Han Cheng dismissed Xu XueYing’s pleading, disappointed in her and therefore banished her into the Cold Palace.

The only person who is unstained is Lin Guìrén. He had not harmed others and was instead bullied by the palace servants because he was not favoured. Once he thought of days like this that Lin Anzhú experienced, XuanYuan Han Cheng could not restrain his anger.

XuanYuan Han Cheng tried to recall the bits of moments with him but could not remember much of the details. It turns out that he had never properly paid much attention to him. In the following years, XuanYuan Han Cheng frantically and persistently collected everything concerning him.

XuanYuan Han Cheng went to the small chamber that he had lived in, looked at the furnishings in his chamber and learnt his preferences from the of the palace maid who served him. Learning that his character is mild and has no temper toward his servants. Looking at numerous copies of books that he had copied, XuanYuan Han Cheng’s eyes redden. XuanYuan Han Cheng had randomly taught him a few words, Lin Guìrén did not know much words, therefore, were full of worship towards him, which made him feel very useful. He still remembered when he offhandedly said that he had to copy properly, and he will check his homework in the future. Then after, XuanYuan Han Cheng had forgotten and never mentioned it again.

When he saw the thick pile of paper filled with words, because the quality of the paper used was not very good, some had already spread out, and the ink had bled out like tears. As he thought of Lin Anzhú, alone in the deserted palace, quietly writing and waiting for the moment of his arrival, XuanYuan Han Cheng felt heartbroken.

XuanYuan Han Cheng even went to the small village where he was born. It is a small mountain village not far from Pei County, called Lín Jiā Village, where he was born.

Lin Anzhú, whose real name is Lin JiāBao, was a twin child. There are five brothers and sisters in the family, ranking fourth in the family. Lin JiāBao’s parents did not treat him badly because he was a twin child. Instead, they named him as JiāBao meant as the treasure of his home and loved him more. Although their family is poor, his parents and siblings both loved him dearly. Lin JiāBao had a happy childhood. He was obedient and capable at home. At a young age, he began to help his parents do housework and take care of his younger siblings. This developed his innocently submissive and non-scheming, gentle, temperament. JiāBao, such a treasure has always been by his side, yet he ignored it and missed him in this life.

Short warning alert!!! There is a really slight mentioning of rape in the paragraph. (O.O)

In the fourth year of Yun Dynasty, Lin JiāBao entered the palace at the age of twelve and became a palace servant. After entering the palace, he was renamed as Lin Anzhú[25] and tasked to attend to the flowers and plants in the Imperial Garden. After he had been forcefully obtained when he was fifteen years old, Imperial Mother present to him as a xiao shì. Always quiet and well-behaved, he was seal as a Guìrén after his enthronement. He lived in the remote and deserted palace, obscured and unknown until he helped him block the poisonous sword and died due to excessive blood loss. When Lin JiāBao died, he was only twenty years old and spent his short life in the palace as so.

Warning ended!!! (^-^)

 “His Imperial Majesty, it is already late. You ought to rest now, there is a morning court session tomorrow.” Yuan Fu interrupted the reminiscence of XuanYuan Han Cheng.

As XuanYuan Han Cheng thought of tomorrow’s court session, he felt a peal of loathement towards the matters that needed to be discussed. XuanYuan Han Cheng’s body was reconditioned[26] by the Imperial Physician during the early years, and the toxins within the body were removed. Later, after the re-election of concubines, there had been several births of princes.

After XuanYuan Han Cheng abolished the Empress, he never elected a new Empress. Among these princes, if they are not aptitude-wise mediocre then they are overly ambitious. Along with their growth in age, they began gathering support within the Imperial Court to garner a better chance of inheriting for the throne.

XuanYuan Han Cheng once again looked at the portrait drawn on top the table, thinking that if his baby’s child was alive, it would be grown up by now. Not knowing if it will be a naughty baby or a cute obedient baby like him.

XuanYuan Han Cheng always imagined a beautiful scene, where he was with his baby and child, before going to bed as he slowly entered dreamland.


[1] Zhèn [朕] = ancient way of saying I which is used by the Emperor.

[2] XuanYuan Han Cheng = XuanYuan is his surname, Han Cheng is his name however XuanYuan is also the given name of Huangdi a.k.a the Yellow Emperor, which is said to be one of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors [三皇五帝].

[3] Internal Head Eunuch = he is the head eunuch who is in charge of taking care of the Emperor’s palace and is also known as the eunuch who always accompanies the Emperor.

[4] Replying His Imperial Majesty [回皇上] = the direct translation is “hui huang shang” which means replying to the Emperor but I decided to change it to His Imperial Majesty because the word huang shang is used quite often.

[5] Guìrén [贵人] = it means Noble Lady which is a title for those in the harem during Qing Dynasty and it is ranked the 6th out of 9 ranking in the harem with the Empress being the 1st

[6] birth anniversary = it is another way of say birth day but more formally

[7] ShuFēi [淑妃] = Shu means virtuous which is the term given, not to be mistaken with their name, while Fēi means Consort which is a title in the harem that is ranked 4th and above the concubines. Therefore, ShuFēi means the virtuous consort.

[8] GuìFēi [贵妃] = means Noble Consort which is a title in the harem that ranked 3rd and is more superior than Fēi who is just an ordinary Consort.

[9] became an ally = they ended on the same side through a marriage alliance

[10] old birth son [老来子] = it means the child of a person who was birth when they, the parents, are old

[11] Lì Wáng [历王] = means a prince of second ranking which is literally a slightly inferior prince compared to crown prince but a more superior prince compared to all other princes.

[12] twisted roots and intertwined joints [盘根错节] = it means deep influence or deeply involved due to long acquaintance.

[13] Provoking death with every move, serving blows with no mercy [招招致命,出手狠毒] = it means that every move they make are attempted to kill and every move is done viciously without any mercy.

[14] Imperial Guards [禁军] = imperial guard are different from guards as they are either veterans or soldiers while guards are just ordinary guard .

[15] twin baby [双娃子] = it would normally means twins, I think (?), but I presume in this context they meant as in a hermaphrodite or a ger, in another sense, because this is a mpreg story so ???.

[16] forcefully obtained him = uhhh the better way of saying he raped him???? it was written like that in the original text.

[17] xiao shì [小侍] = alright so I found that a xiao shi is the lowest ranking concubine in the Imperial Harem in the Qin Dynasty but however I believe this story’s harem hierarchy is based upon the Qing Dynasty Imperial Harem system so let just change history ok hahaha

also, thanks to @ThatOneCryingInTheCorner for telling me about it

[18] Imperial Physician Institute [太医院] = it is actually a place within the palace and it is sorta like the infirmary/hospital/clinic??

[19] seven mouth eight tongue [七嘴八舌] = it means a lively discussion where everybody is talking at once.

[20] chén qiè [臣妾] = a way to address oneself used by those in the harem when speaking to those who are more superior in ranking.

[21] weeping like raindrops on a pear blossom [梨花带雨] = it means figuratively to say that when a beauty cries they are described that way

[22] GuìJūn [贵君] = it is the male version of the title Noble Consort that is usually granted upon male consorts

[23] a twin child might birth a pair of twins = it technically saying that someone whose parents had twins will cause them to have a higher probability in giving birth to a pair of twins as well.

[24] Really is a pair of blind eyes [有眼无珠] = used to describe someone who is really blind to its surroundings/ happenings

[25] renamed as Lin Anzhú = when you enter the palace, they will rename you and not allow you to use your given name. This is a rules/tradition of the palace because your given is like sorta special.

[26] reconditioned = this means that retreated his health/body to a healthy state.

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