New novel!!! Yayayaya!

Title: You can’t be fierce towards me [Rebirth]

Hello~~~~~~ I’ve went hunting a while ago and decided to start translating a new novel! YAY!

It’s a cute rebirth 1v1 story filled with sweet moment!!!

So do anticipate the new novel updates! It’ll begin next next week on the 18th of June because I have exam next week so yep!!

That’s all from your panda translator! Peace Out!

One thought on “New novel!!! Yayayaya!

  1. Blood

    ‹\(´ω` ๑ )/››‹‹\( ๑´)/›› ‹‹\( ๑´ω`)/››~♪
    Thanks this sounds good, I’ll be watching the chapters.
    That you do well in your exams (๑•̀∀•́ฅ ✧FIGHT☆


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