R:DLYE – Chapter 03

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[ cr. Huang BinHong, Deng Fen ]

Chapter 3 – Poison

At the evening, XuanYuan Han Cheng brought Yuan Fu along, and the two of them went to the Empress’s Residential Palace, Yongshou Palace, amidst the night.

When XuanYuan Han Cheng arrived at Yongshou Palace, the Emperor and the Empress had just finished dinner, and they were chatting together over tea.

After experiencing a lifetime, once again seeing his Imperial Father and Imperial Mother, XuanYuan Han Cheng felt a burst of sorrow and grief in his heart.

XuanYuan Han Cheng’s Imperial Father and Imperial Mother had known each other from earlier on and supported each other during the battle for the throne. He has always been envious of the feelings between his parents.

His Imperial Father only has a total of five sons, among which two are the Empress’s children and the other three are the concubines’ children. His Imperial Father, because of his own experience, is evidently upright among his princes. From earlier on, he had already established him as the apparent heir to the throne, and very attentively taught him. As the different between the ages of Empress’s children and the concubines’ children are comparatively large, the concubines’ children were born after his Imperial Father’s enthronement and after the draft in order to stabilize the Imperial Court.  His younger siblings, from young, had already been instilled with thoughts to be loyal to the monarch and love the country. Until the moment he went through rebirth, they were also very content and distinguished, seeming to not be a threat towards him. From all these, it can clearly explain his Imperial Father’s affection towards Imperial Mother, his Imperial Father’s attentiveness towards him.

The Empress saw the Crown Prince suddenly come over at night, before even asking the question, she was shocked by XuanYuan Han Cheng’s action.

“Imperial Father, Imperial Mother…..” XuanYuan Han Cheng refused to say a word as he advances then prior, kowtowed to the floor three times, facing them.

Cheng Er, what is this going on with you?” The Empress felt that XuanYuan Han Cheng is somewhat not in the proper condition today. “It’s already so late, what are you…?”

*Cheng er = its like how your parent call you by another nickname or a shorten ver. of your own name

The Emperor sensing that XuanYuan Han Cheng had some matter to say, waved for the palace servants to withdraw.

With only the three of them remaining, the Emperor faced XuanYuan Han Cheng and inquired: “Is there any matter?”

XuanYuan Han Cheng told his Imperial Father and Imperial Mother everything from him discovering about Xu XueYing’s palace maid poisoning him with a poison which will hinder the conception of heirs to the fact that this matter was caused by Li Wang together with the Crown Prince Consort and including those matter which he discovered from his previous life

“Imperial Father and Imperial Mother, er chen is not filial, unable to defend oneself, unable to clearly distinguish people, er chen is guilty!” XuanYuan Han Cheng said to them as he chokes up with emotions.

*er chen = its the formal royal way of addressing yourself by stating yourself as the 3rd party. I left it in chinese because the eng ver. just sound too weird

The Emperor and Empress were shocked after hearing it, and the matchless Empress staggered. “Is this true? This…this…”

XuanYuan Han Cheng advanced forward to support his, currently broken-hearted, Imperial Mother, comforting her and said: “Imperial Father, Imperial Mother, you can rest assure, luckily it was discovered early on so after recuperating for a year or two, it will recover fully.”

“This, how do you expect me to feel relieved, you are my son…”  Having heirs are important, no wonder, from when his son got married these few years, he only has two sickly daughters. This Xue Jia is truly too malicious, she really hates them! When the Grand Empress Dowager Xue was alive, they constantly tried to suppress her, the Empress, and now, they harmed her Cheng Er….

The Emperor was also very angry and slammed his hand on the table. The teacup on the table quaked from the slamming motion. “Xue Jia…Li Wang…” The Emperor said furiously.

He has been enthroned for several years yet they are still unwilling to give up. Unexpectedly, they actually managed to extend their influence till his son’s rear court.

“Are there any definitive evidence?” The Emperor asked.

“The palace maid by concubine Xu has been secretly seized, and people have been sent by the Crown Prince Consort to monitor within the palace. Among several of them, who is in charge of transmitting news, had already been contained. Li Wang, comparatively, is more careful, not leaving behind any important therefore it could only investigate back to Xue Jia on the surface.” XuanYuan Han Cheng sighed.

Other than finding out that Bi Zhu’s family is in the hands of Xue Jia, there are no other clues related to Li Wang.

“Imperial Father, er chen does not want to handle these people for the time being. I merely want to send people to closely monitor them. For now, we don’t inadvertently alert them first and wait for the opportunity to ripen then strike at once. Er chen has already banned Concubine Xu, and external-wise, it is rumored that Bi Zhu had stumbled toward him when she was garnering favor for Concubine Xu and was punished. As for the Crown Prince Consort, I will slowly make her ill and bed-ridden.” XuanYuan Han Cheng told his Imperial Father about his intentions.

The Emperor expressed his approval after listened to XuanYuan Han Cheng’s plan. As of current, this is only way available. If he can’t acquire thorough and detailed evidence, he can’t even make a move against Xue Jia and on the other hands, it will cause more inconvenience. This son of his has always been his pride. When he was a teenager, he accomplished an impressive meritorious deed in the military and even progressively gotten more mature in handling government affairs. He did not expect that such a careless mistake would appear concerning his heirs and his harem.

*he = well its your normal typical English he but I just want to note that the he is referring to XuanYuan Han Cheng not the father

“Is your body really okay, does it need to be treated for two or three years that long?” the Emperor asked with concern.

“Replying to Imperial Father, that’s right, Physician Qian from the Imperial Physician Institution has already given an assessment for er chen. It takes at least two or three years to clean up the toxins in the body and then recondition the body. Also, within this two years, it’s not allowed to be near feminine charms.” XuanYuan Han Cheng told to crucial point to his Imperial Father and Imperial Mother.

*not allowed to be near feminine charms = it literally means he is not allowed to have sex or bed anyone but more politely said

“If this is case, then there won’t be any heirs within this two or three years.”

The Emperor sighed, the son’s difficulty in having heirs is a huge issue. Not to mention Li Wang, even the courtiers will certainly notice the issue.

“Imperial Father, er chen knows what you thinking, er chen has already thought of the countermeasures.” XuanYuan Han Cheng resolutely said: “Er chen is prepared to request for an expedition to fight the Northern barbarians.”

“What? Expedition for the barbarians?” The Emperor had some doubts, they had just signed an agreement two years ago, why suddenly want to send troops?

“Nonsense! Your body is already like this, how come you still want to go to the battlefield?” The Empress said with a face full of disapproval.

 “Although the Imperial Court have signed an agreement with the barbarian, the barbarian has never been a trustworthy party. After two years of rest, sooner or later they will make a comeback. Er chen boldly predicts that, after the autumn harvest this year, it is very likely that they will take this opportunity to re-enter the South, we can’t not guard against it!” XuanYuan Han Cheng continued: “Er chen propose that we should immediately intensify the training for the elite soldiers. If the barbarians suddenly raids, then we can immediately dispatch troops to reinforce the bordering towns and annihilate the barbarians in one move. Er chen request for permission to proceed! This way can also help Imperial Father resolve the external commotion. Moreover, being away for at least for a year and a half, er chen will let Physician Qian accompany the military along to help condition my body so we can kill two bird with one stone.”

“This is also a way, but can you be certain that the barbarian will surely plan a surprise attack?” The Emperor hesitated.

Er chen cannot guarantee it, but I believe that there is 90% probability that it will happen as the barbarians had always went back on their words.”

The Emperor nodded, this son of his is becoming more and more outstanding, thinking even much advance than him. He is not those kind of emperor who will abstain his son which is more outstanding. On the contrary, the more outstanding his son is, the prouder he felt. All this while, XuanYuan Han Cheng has never disappointed him, so he chose to believe and support his son.

“Alright then, from tomorrow onward, you will go to the Northern Camp.”

“Thanking Imperial Father, er chen will certainly not refuse the mission.” His Imperial Father, nevertheless, had continued to trust him as before, XuanYuan Han Cheng was extremely moved.

Exiting from Yongshou Palace, XuanYuan Han Cheng told Yuan Fu, who was waiting for him, “Let’s go back to the palace.” Looking at the starry sky, XuanYuan Han Cheng released a sigh of relief. After persuading his Imperial Father and Imperial Mother, everything is finally altering according to his ideas.

For a lot of people, tonight is destined to be a sleepless night. Xu XueYing heard that her Head Palace Maid was punished, and the news that she was being confined, almost fainted.

She didn’t understand where she slipped-up. His Royal Highness had always favored her, when it comes to seeking favor, she also frequently present soup to the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince had always said that she was wife material and considerate, and most of time, he will go to her place after drinking the soup.

Unexpectedly confining her now, this has never happened before. It’s a pity that she did not manage to inquire any information, it truly make her anxious to death.

“Xiao Lizi, you go and check it out for me.” Xu XueYing was somewhat worried about the eunuchs around her; not knowing if they had, in fact, discovered what she had done to Concubine Yu.

Think about it again, comfort herself, its not possible, she had already got them to cleanly handle it. Leaving no clues whatsoever, moreover, if His Royal Highness really found out that she has harmed the royal heir, it ought not be as simple as confinement only.

In the palace of the Crown Prince Consort, the Crown Prince Consort, Xue Cai Yu, was also worriedly inquiring her trusted confidant, Wang momo,”Bi Zhu there wouldn’t be…”

“It won’t, niangniang. Upon investigation, we discovered that when Bi Zhu was seeking favor for Concubine Xu, she accidentally collided with the Crown Prince, that’s why she was punished by the Crown Prince.”

*momo = the palace title for a nanny or a really old granny who took care of you or is in charge of taking care of you
*niangniang = the formal royal way of servant addressing any consort in the harem

“Alright, then Bi Zhu’s family also has to be deal with it properly,” said the Crown Prince Consort.

“Nuo. Niangniang please rest assured, it will certainly be handled appropriately.” Wang momo answered, patting her chest.

What they did not know was that the entire Crown Prince Consort’s Palace has already been contained. Each and every of their move was monitored by a shadow guard, and whatsoever information would already be incapable to relay out.

XuanYuan Han Cheng, from the beginning of the second day, apart from attending the Imperial Court in the morning and assisting Imperial Father to handle a few government affairs, he is often at the Northern Camp, most of the time, together with the generals, studying military strategy and tactics and intensifying the soldiers’ training. Although the days passed are tiresome and exhausting, but his heart feels enriched.

Whenever XuanYuan Han Cheng recall that his baby would enter the palace in less than a month’s time, he could not suppress his excitement. In this lifetime, he must properly plan it so that his baby will be able to arrive to his side once more.

Just as XuanYuan Han Cheng was counting the awaiting days, Lin Jia Village had also received a major news that the palace is recruiting palace servants, entering the palace. At this moment, Lin JiaBao still did not know that this will be the news that changed the fate of his life.

Lin Jia Village

Just one evening the day before, the local officer of Lin Jia Village announced a major news; the palace is recruiting palace servants, entering the palace, and the Lin Jia Village have a quota of 10 people to fill.

The civilians in the village were very surprised to hear this news, everybody discussing very spiritedly.

“Quiet! Quiet! Everyone listen to me, this news is absolutely true. Today, I entered the county town, and the county district magistrate said it personally. This time we have a quota of 10 people from Lin Jia Village. The requirements needed are girls or ger children from the age of 11 years old to 13 years old. I know that everyone is unwilling to send their children into the palace, but the county has issued an order. If its not completed, the whole village will suffer.” the local officer continued, “In fact, speaking of which, entering the palace is not as terrible as everyone thinks. After entering the palace, there will be monthly allowance every month. Those above are benevolent, after entering the palace, you will be release from the palace when you reach 25 years old and you will receive a portion of money. If you garnered the eye of any Guiren, there will be a boundless future and it will be beneficial to the family…”

The local officer finished as some families who were greedy for money immediately exposed their longing expression.

The local officer looked satisfactorily at these people, it seems like it would not be too difficult to fill the 10 people quota. The local officer then decided to add another fire. “According to the usual practice, for any families who do not want to go, if you meet the conditions, you will have to pay 5 silver taels for each person applicable. This money will, later on, be divided equally to the family of those 10 people who will be entering the palace as a little compensation. Alright, if everyone made up your mind, then please come to me to register as soon as possible because I would have to report the namelist after ten days.”

After the local officer finishing speaking, everyone slowly dispersed.

After Lin DaZhuang’s whole family returned home, all of them were anxious and miserable looking. Even the two smaller ones in the family also felt the abnormal mood and they dare not speak.

Lin DaZhuang’s family is an ordinary peasant family within Lin Jia Village. Lin DaZhuang is 40 years old this year. Born with a tough and stocky build, he is an genuine peasant.

Lin DaZhuang’s parents died young. In his early years, he independently brought his younger brother, Lin DaLi, to live in the village. Lin DaZhuang is an expert in the handling grounds. He is also diligent and willing to work. Relying on the barren fields left by their parents and his own diligence, not only did he married a wife and had children, he also financially assisted his younger brother and helped his younger brother marry a wife. Depending fully on himself to establish a little family property.

Lin DaZhuang and the Zhang family’s daughter in the village got married. The person he married was Zhang HuiNiang, from the arrange marriage between children that his parents helped set for him. Zhang HuiNiang is one with a bitter life. After her parents died due to illness, her family owed a large debt and there was only Zhang HuiNiang and her big brother remained. The two of them, brother and sister, mutually depended on each other to survive. Unexpectedly, misfortune does not come singly. Seeing their family debt fully repaid and their days have improved, the big brother of Zhang Jia, working outside, overworked and collapsed then never got up again.

Everyone said that Zhang HuiNiang is a hard-life person, smothering her family to death. Persuaded Lin DaZhuang not to marry her.

Lin DaZhuang does not believe all these, and nevertheless, still married Zhang HuiNiang according to the arrangement.

Lin DaZhuang and Zhang HuiNiang passed their days pretty well after they got married. The young married couples were dripping with honey, making those who were waiting to see his unluckiness heavily stunned.

 The similar experience of Lin DaZhuang and Zhang HuiNiang in their early years made the two of them cherish each other more. Both of them are people who have been through sufferings. They are also diligent and capable, and the days passed by slowly, starting to get prosperous.

They gave birth to a total of six children. The eldest daughter, Lin JinEr, has already gotten married, and her eldest son, Lin JiaWen, had just married this year. Her third daughter, Lin LiEr, is 13 years old this year, and her second son, Lin JiaBao, is a ger baby turning 12 years old this year. These two children coincidentally fulfill the conditions for the palace servant selection this year. Ai~, it really made them worried!

When everyone was silent, Lin LiEr suddenly said: “Dad, mom, please do not be distressed any longer, just let daughter enter the palace, alright. Daughter will properly take care of oneself.”

“No, no, I want second sister. If you go, then I will not be able to see second sister.” Lin XiuEr and Lin LiEr are the closest. Hearing that her sister is going to some palace, she hugged her tightly, not letting go.

Lin JiaCai, who was on the side, also mumbled to himself in his mouth: “Then what about the Da Hai gege? Da Hai gege said that he will be second sister’s husband.”

Lin JiaCai and Lin XiuEr are a pair of dragon and phoenix, and they were born when Zhang HuiNiang was in her 30s. They are their youngest children, only 8 years old this year.

Since the birth of the dragon and phoenix pair, the village altered Zhang HuiNiang’s hearsay of ill fate and profusely praised her good fate. After all, a pair of dragon and phoenix is very rare and its also a symbol of auspicious blessing.

“What Da Hai gege, you are not allowed to mention him again, in the future.” Lin LiEr has a bold and vigorous temperament. Harshly reprimanding her brothers and sisters.

Zhou Hai is the big brother next door. Zhou Jia and Lin Jia, two people, have a good relationship. Lin LiEr and Zhou Hai also grew up together, the two of them were childhood sweethearts, two innocent playmates.

Although the two of them did not have an engagement, the two families already had a tacit understanding, and they were only awaiting the children to grow older then prepare the engagement.

“Its better if I go, I can too, I am already a big boy, I am not afraid to go to the palace.” Lin JiaBao said, the small face appearing strong. He knows the affection between second sister and Da Hai gege. Da Hai gege also treat them very well, usually. Although he is unwilling to leave his family, but if he must enter the palace then he is willing to go.

“Alright, all of you don’t say anymore. Entering the palace, me and your dad will not let any of you go. Even if me and your dad has to sacrifice everything we have, we will definitely get the money. Don’t worry, all of you are your father and mother’s precious. We will definitely find a way.” Zhang HuiNiang touched Lin JiaBao’s face, pacifying them.

Although Lin JiaBao is a ger child, however, they never think that there is anything bad about him. Lin JiaBao looks lovable and is very sensible. Lin DaZhuang, husband and wife, instead doubled their love for him and gave him the name JiaBao. Zhang HuiNiang thinks the fact that she could give birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix is from the good luck brought by JiaBao.

“Dad, mom, I will go find a job at the bookstore in the county town tomorrow and see if I can get an advance salary payment.” Lin JiaWen thought for a moment.

Lin JiaWen grew up looking like his father, born tall and strong, absolutely robust. Don’t see that Lin JiaWen looks rough and violent, but he is just like his name, likes to study.

Lin DaZhuang saw that his son likes to study, clenched his teeth to provide for him to study at the old scholar’s house, in the village. Lin JiaWen is also a very determined one, studying very hard. Last year, he scored a tongsheng, exempting his family from field tax. The old scholar is also very fond of his student, even marrying his little daughter to him. He just got married this year, at the beginning of the year. Truly is a period flushed with success. The village civilians who did not look highly of him, now only they know that the useless one is a scholar!

*tongsheng = tongsheng is an entry-level examinee who had passed the county/prefecture exams.

Lin JiaWen’s newlywed wife, Wu QiaoLan, looked at her husband worriedly, but did not dare to say anything. Wu QiaoLan thought whether if she should return to her family to borrow some money, but recalled that her family is not rich, depending merely on her father’s teaching income which is not much either. Ai! Her father have once said that with her husband’s talent, its not a problem to score the Imperial Examination in the upcoming year. Now her husband is going to abandon studying and go work.

Lin JiaWen is the most understanding one about the situation at home. Although they had been exempted from the field tax, but he had just recently gotten married and the family just spent a portion of money. There are still only a few silver taels remaining now. Originally, the incoming days will soon be getting better. After getting the field tax exemption, the income of the fields can also be saved and when the time comes, he will accumulate some money, buy some farm land and earn some income. Moreover, the younger siblings in the family have all grown up. Up until now, they are still crammed in one room, and they even prepared to build a big house. This is also the expectation of everyone in the family. But now, the harvesting period has not yet arrived, let alone paying ten silver taels, even five silver taels can’t be taken out.

“There’s no need, you have already scored a tongsheng. Its better for you to study properly. The family is still counting on you to score a scholar! This way, the military service, kiln service and so on at home, can be exempted. The family will also be enlightened then and you will have to spare some effort. Tomorrow, me and your mother prepared to go visit your sister’s family, first ask the relatives to borrow money for emergency. Alright now, don’t worry, there is your dad and I, all of you go have rest.”

Lin DaZhuang comforted the children. He rather suffer at his old age and still rather not send his children to suffer in the palace.

Even the head of the family have spoken, then everyone could only go rest with their heart fill with worries.

The second day, early in the morning, Lin DaZhuang and his wife got up early and prepared to enter the county town. Zhang mu was notifying her daughter-in-law, LiEr and JiaBao. “I’ve already prepared lunch in the pot. When you are reheat it, you have to be careful, don’t get scalded. Me and you dad will hurry back soon. LiEr and JiaBao will help you out. Saozi, please look after the young ones.”

*Saozi = the term used to referring to your brother’s wife or your son’s wife

Zhang mu was notifying them when suddenly the sound of the horse hooves came from outside the yard. At a glance, it’s a carriage which drove over, and the carriage worker who drove the carriage stopped the carriage. An old lady got of the carriage, carefully supporting a madam to get off.

“Big sister, it’s big sister coming back.” The dragon and phoenix twins heard the commotion and came out, seeing that its their big sister who they have not seen for a long time, they excitedly shouted.

“Aiya! How come you came back now, with how your body is like now, how can you still run around!” Zhang mu saw her eldest daughter currently carrying, carefully went over to support her in the house.

“It has been more than four months already, its stabilized now, no problem already. Moreover, I’m just visiting my own home, how is it consider running around.” Lin JinEr said with a smile.

 “You are already going to be a mother soon yet still acting so spoiled. If you come out like this, you will tire out your in-laws due to being too worried.”

The old lady, by the side, laughing softly said: “Dear ma’am, please rest assure. Our ma’am had instructed me and Zhao Xiaozi to accompany the young madam here. Zhao Xiaozi rode the carriage very carefully, there will certainly be no accidents.”

“Really troubled you all, coming out at such an early hour, please come in the house and have some tea.” Zhang is very pleased with the attitude of her in-laws, smiled then let her daughter-in-law go make tea and entertain them.

Speaking of Lin JinEr’s marriage, it has once been a heated topic in the village. After all, being able to marry a family in the capital city is the envy of everyone in the village.

Zhang mu supported her daughter into the house to sit down and said, “You see, how good your in-laws are to you, you have to be filial to them!”

“I definitely will. Now, mother-in-law is helping me take care of Cong Ge Er. I’ve also saved a lot of energy.” The three-year-old son is currently at a really mischievous and like to cause trouble period of time.

Lin JinEr current life is very blessed, grateful to her in-laws and simultaneously, is even more grateful to her parents. Her marriage came from her father’s act of kindness.

Her husband’s family is the Qin Jia who opened a textile business in the county town. The Qin Jia has done textile business for generations. It could also be consider a long-established textile store. There’s some regular customers and the business is thriving and prospering. Her father-in-law used all the money he earned every year to purchase farmland, Zhuangzi. Now, already he already had a few hundred acres of farmland.

There was once when Master Qin was collecting rent in Zhuangzi. When passing through the Lin Jia Village, he accidentally spooked the horse and fell into a brook. At that time, it was during the deep winter, the river water was ice-cold and bone-chilling, and because he grew up in the city, does not know how to swim. Looking as he was about to lose his life, coincidentally, Lin DaZhuang was examining their home’s field, and saw the situation then he immediately jumped into the river to save people, thus, saving his life.

The Qin family was obviously very grateful to Lin DaZhuang. After Master Qin then saw Lin Jia’s gentle and capable eldest sister, he began to proposed an intention to have an engagement.

The Qin family only has one son, Qin KaiXing, to inherit the father’s business and he is a outstanding child who helps his father manage their family business. At the beginning, Madam Qin did not like to let her son marry a villager, but she did not dare to refute her husband’s intentions. However, after sending people to take a look, she was very pleased with Lin JinEr’s appearance and mannerism. More importantly, her birth date is very compatible with her son’s birth date and Lin JinEr, even more, was predicted to have a life filled with prosperity for her child and husband. Then, Mrs. Qin also did not have much to be picky about anymore.

Lin JinEr’s marriage is an enthusiastically discussed happy occasion in the village. Everyone is also very envious of her good fortune for being able to marry into the family of wealthy people in the city. It truly is a lifetime of lavishness, don’t need to worry.

 After Lin JinEr married into Qin Jia, she have also continuously respected and be filial towards her in-laws, and was very affectionate with Qin KaiXing. In the second year, she gave birth to a big fat boy named Qin ZiCong and a pet name, Cong Ge Er. Now that Lin JinEr is pregnant again, Madam Qin is extremely pleased with this perfect and capable, Lin JinEr.

“This time, its my in-laws who allowed me to come. I’ve heard in the city that the palace will be recruiting servants from our village. I remembered that both, second younger sister and JiaBao, are within the eligible age, felt worried. The palace is not a good place. No matter how well it’s said, its going there to be a slave, a palace servant, to be ordered around.” Lin JinEr said, she is unwilling to send her younger siblings to those places where they eat people without spitting bones.

*they eat people without spitting bones = it’s a chinese metaphor, speaking of those who are greedy and cruel.

“Me and your dad also thought like you, we were just preparing to go to the city, but you already came.

Lin JinEr gave Zhang mu the ten silver taels that she brought along. “I recalled that younger brother just got married, and the family will not be able to earn it back that fast.”

“We are really too grateful to your in-laws, we will return it as soon as possible.” Lin DaZhuang felt truly grateful, seeing the money that his daughter brought.

At noon, Zhang mu and her daughter-in-law attentively prepared some good dishes. JiaBao and LiEr also helped to collect the vegetables. Everyone had a good meal and their mood were comparatively much cheerful.

In the afternoon, she sent her eldest daughter to the carriage, then went to pluck a number of vegetables grown in their family’s backyard and packed it into the carriage. Once again, letting her eldest daughter bring it back to thank her in-laws’ family.

The family members of Lin Jia then sent the carriage off together.

After sending off their eldest daughter, Lin DaZhuang took the silver and went to the village chief’s house and handed over the money. Finally, they managed to solve this one problem, as the family members finally release a sigh of relief.

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