R:DLYE – Chapter 04

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Chapter 4 – Sudden Changes

After sending off their eldest daughter, Lin DaZhuang took the silver and went to the village chief’s house and handed over the money. Finally, they managed to solve this one problem, as the family members finally release a sigh of relief.

At night, Lin DaZhuang and Zhang HuiNiang laid on the bed then she heard Lin DaZhuang sighed.

“DaLi’s family is preparing to send Chun Er to the palace.” He did not tell the children about this matter in the afternoon. He held the matter back for half a day, waiting for the night fall and returned to his room then only he told Zhang HuiNiang.

“How come, Chun Er have already passed her 14s, not eligible. She is already at the age where she can get married, what are they thinking?” Zhang mu was very surprised.

“DaLi already told the local officer. Chun Er’s chinese age just passed 14 years old, but in reality it hasn’t arrived yet.” In fact, there is only that number of people in the village, which family’s children is how big, they all have an inkling in their heart.

*chinese age = technically it’s your age but it count on how many solar terms you’ve lived for (its just Gregorian age + 1 yr extra usually)

“The local officer also agreed?” Zhang mu asked.

“Yeah, the local officer was probably afraid that he wouldn’t be able to gather enough people so he agreed to count her as one quota.”

Ai~, they’re sinning, so heartless!” Zhang mu knows that DaLi’s family live much more comfortably compared to them, she didn’t expect…

*they’re sinning = the context here is saying that in chinese(?) there a thing where they go like if ‘you don’t the ability, then don’t raise kids instead of raising them then doing them wrong’.

Lin DaLi is the younger brother of Lin DaZhuang, five years younger than him. Lin DaLi’s personality is more active with a sweet mouth. He relies on a skillful mouth, worshiped the old carpenter in the village as teacher and learned the craftsmanship of how to build furniture.

At the beginning, the two brothers was very harmonious. Lin DaLi also knew that it was very hard for his brother to raise him by himself.

The problem arise after Lin DaZhuang got married, Lin DaLi had once caught a cold and got ill for an episode. Although he got well after eating two anti-cold medicines, but Lin DaLi still heard news in the village saying that Zhang HuiNiang is a hard-life one, and thought that Zhang HuiNiang will subdue him. Regardless of how much Zhang HuiNiang cared for him and how good she is, Lin DaLi always remains at a respectful distance toward his brother’s wife.

The conflicting views between the two brothers, Lin DaZhuang and Lin DaLi, became increasingly intense after Lin DaLi’s marriage.

Lin DaLi married the youngest daughter of the, same village, Ke Jia, Ke MeiLi. Ke MeiLi’s person, like her name, was born very pretty-looking. She is one of the flower of the village. Since after Ke MeiLi reach a marriageable age, there was an endless stream of people who went up to her house to propose and the betrothal gift prescribed by Ke Jia was also relatively higher, scaring off a group of people.

Lin DaLi likes Ke MeiLi very much and begging to marry her. Lin DaZhuang saw that his younger brother truly like her, so he brought along the betrothal gift to help his younger brother plead for the marriage.

At the beginning, the two brothers did not separate and live apart after they became married, still living together. Ke MeiLi was comparatively pampered at home from a young age, very squeamish, plus the person is lazy and greedy. All this while, the housework basically also fall upon Zhang HuiNiang alone. Lin DaZhuang looked at his own wife, who had to raise the children and yet still had to do housework. It’s truly exhausting. He really disapprove of Ke MeiLi while Lin DaLi constantly help his wife and the contradictions just keep accumulating.

Finally, after Ke MeiLi, in succession, gave birth to two daughters, it broke out completely. Lin DaLi, husband and wife, felt that Zhang mu was subduing them, that’s why they didn’t have a son then they persistently wanted to split up.

Ke MeiLi, from earlier on, had wanted to split up. She felt that Lin DaZhuang had a lot of children in their family, and Lin DaZhuang only know how to farm, earning not as much as compared to Lin DaLi. Lin DaLi will usually do some carpentry work, helping the village people to build furniture, and the income is not bad. Ke MeiLi always feels that they are taken advantage of while eating and living together, constantly being noisy about wanting to split up. Lin DaLi did not say anything, but yet did not object too.

Lin DaZhuang, helpless, had no choice but to split up and divide the field in the house. Even giving most of the family’s existing cash to his younger brother, and invited the elder of the village and the local officer to witness it together.

Like this, Lin DaLi got a house at the other end of the village and after living there for two years, they indeed gave birth to a baby boy, making the Lin DaLi couple even more affirmative of the matter that Zhang HuiNiang was subduing them. The two families then gradually had lesser dealings with each other.

At the other end of the village, the Lin DaLi couple were currently being inwardly proud of their decision.

Ke MeiLi and Lin DaLi are both people who values men and belittle women, and regards their daughters as monetary goods. Their eldest daughter, Lin Chun Er, was born looking alike to Lin DaLi, not inheriting Ke MeiLi beautiful features and therefore, was even more not fond of. Seeing that Lin Chun Er is soon reaching the age of marriage, Ke MeiLi knows that her daughter could not marry as well as like Lin JinEr. With Lin Chun Er’s appearance and figure, she’s afraid that she would have pay plenty of downy to marry her off.

As this time’s news about the palace recruiting servant came out, Lin DaLi thoughts became active. If she enter the palace, not only will they save the dowry money, but they will also receive some compensatory money. Then in the future, there is monthly salary and money to settle down. Thinking about it, it’s truly a largely good matter.

Although Lin Chun Er was sad that her parents is sending her into the palace, but thinking of the local officer’s words saying that if she gotten the favor of a Guiren, she would also be able to stand out among her peers.

Lin Chun Er was also very envious that her uncle’s family’s Lin JinEr could marry into the city but she also understand that her appearance is not up to par. However, she was still not resigned. This time, entering the palace, should be a good opportunity.

After ten days arrived, the local officer was busy taking the list to report to the county town. After all, most people are still unwilling to separate from their flesh and blood, hardly able to gather ten people. Later, the local officer took the money collected and distributed it to those few people’s family members. It is then agreed that after 10 days, those people will be sent into the county town to gather together then sent to the capital, allowing the families to go back and prepare.

Ke MeiLi took the money distributed and went to the county town. After all, it’s her own child, before sending her daughter off, she intended to buy a new pair of clothes for her daughter. It’s already too late to sew it by herself now, she could only prepare to go to the ready-made clothes store and buy it for her daughter.

After exiting the ready-made clothes store, Ke MeiLi then went to the pastry shop. Planning to buy some snacks to bring back home for two smaller ones to eat, especially for her son, who love this family’s pastry.

The pastries made by this family’s pastry shop tastes very good. Their price is also affordable and their business has always been very good.

When Ke MeiLi arrived, there was a long queue at the entrance of the store, therefore, she could only queue at the back and wait. Then, she heard the two old lady queuing up in front of her loudly narrating about the gossips in the city.

“Have you heard about it, the Chief Secretary Wang’s family want to let his son take a wife as a ‘happy occasion‘. Are they entrusting matchmaker Zhang?”

“I’ve also heard about it. My family’s siblings’ parents’ family live next door to matchmaker Zhang’s house, saying that they are preparing to give one hundred silver taels?”

*’happy occasion‘ = ancient people believes that if one person is seriously ill and could not be save medically then they would have a special happy occasion or event, such as getting married, for that person so that it will like change their fate or heal them
*family’s siblings’ parents’ family = it just means her siblings’ in-laws

“One hundred silver taels! This time the Wang Jia is indeed giving their hard-earned savings.”

“There is no other choice, the Wang Jia only has such a son, and now he is seriously ill in bed, and unconscious. The physician who assessed him also shook his head. He could only rely on the ‘happy occasion’.”

Ai~, although it’s a hundred silver taels, but if by any chance it doesn’t work then how about the woman, their lifetime will be ruined. Where would there be a good family that is willing?”

“Yeah, I heard that the matchmaker said that Wang Jia only needs their birth date to match, regardless of the appearance, and even if its from the village, their are also willing. They even said that after the ‘happy occasion’, if there is any accident, later on, they will agreed for the lady to remarry. It seems like Wang Jia is really anxious! ”

Ke MeiLi hurriedly bought the pastries and went back. On the way back, she keep thinking about the words of the two old ladies.

One hundred silver taels, she has never seen so much money before, the more she think about it, the more her heart itch and feels unbearable.

After returning home, Ke MeiLi told Lin DaLi about the matter. “Ai! You say, why didn’t you hear about this earlier, our daughter is already preparing to enter the palace.”

“I will go to the city to inquire about it tomorrow.” Lin DaLi thought about it and said, changing his mind.

The next day, Lin DaLi took Lin Chun Er’s birth date and seek for matchmaker Zhang’s home.

Matchmaker Zhang was rather anxious. The news has already been out for several days but there is still no news whatsoever. The Chief Secretary Wang’s family also keep coming over everyday to rush her. After listening to Lin DaLi’s purpose of coming, she was extremely overjoyed. Immediately took the birth date to match and in return, it really was compatible. She hurriedly went to the Chief Secretary Wang’s family to announce the good news. At long last, she can finish her job.

The Chief Secretary Wang’s family was very anxious. Not even saying ‘happy occasion’, the two words, they already gave Lin DaLi the one hundred silver taels as betrothal gift. The two families agreed to escort the bride the next day, and Lin DaLi took the initiative, saying that he would bring his daughter to the city’s inn to facilitate Wang Jia in escorting their daughter. Wang Jia is naturally willing. Originally, they were worried that the distant journey will delay the lucky hour.

Lin DaLi returned home with the hundred silver taels. When the whole family saw the money, they were stunned. The whole family gathered together and prepared to take Chun Er to the city tomorrow morning.

Lin Chun Er knows that she could not enter the palace. After carefully thinking about it, she still felt that it would be better to go for the ‘happy occasion’.

Its also to give it a go, naturally it’s better to marry a government officer’s family in the city. That is the only son of the 9th Pin Chief Secretary, if its in normal time, she would not even dare to think about this matter.

If the ‘happy occasion’ went along well, then she is the honorable young madam of an government officer’s family. Even much more dignified compared to the family Lin JinEr married.

If the ‘happy occasion’ did not go well, they already said that after two years have passed, she can remarry again. If she enters the palace, she will be 25 years old when she waits till she exit the palace. It will be difficult for her to get married.

After busying for two days, everything had already been done and nothing could be undone. The Lin DaLi couple began to be apprehensive about the quota for entering the palace. With one hundred silver taels, they can be said to be the first one in the village. But if they offended the local officers, then their days in the village will not pass well.

“Go to the local officer there and return the money, then pay them five silver taels. In any case, Chun Er has already got married, and now, she is a member of Wang Jia. Does he, a local officer, dare to offend. Chief Secretary Wang is a capable assisting officer by the side of the county’s magistrate.” Ke MeiLi is now rich, and her confidence also inflated.

“You also know that it’s hard for the local officer to gather enough 10 people this time, now that there’s one less person…”

“In any case, our family’s Chun Er had originally passed the age. Even if she didn’t sign up, they would still have one less person. Let the local officer go find another family. Anyways, our family does not have any suitable ones now. Their second daughter is only 10 years old. Oh right, doesn’t big brother’s family have two suitable ones. Make one of them go. There is even a ger child in his family, is it not a waste of food to raise the family.” Ke MeiLi thought maliciously.

“This is also true, I will go to the local officer’s home now to tell them. In any case, we’ve have already reached this situation. Worse come to worse, in the future, we’ll go live in the city. Anyways, we are wealthy now, scared of what!” Lin DaLi also threw the caution to the wind.

Honestly what a bloody disgusting family! They are even worse than animals! I really wanna drive them over with my car then leave them to rot and suffer man! UGH STRESS !!!
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
( -_・) ︻デ═一 ▸ the whole family

On the evening of the very same day, the local officer brought the Lin DaLi couple along to Lin DaZhuang’s home.

Lin DaZhuang, husband and wife, saw them coming to their house at this hour, looked at each other. Having a bad premonition in their hearts.

Sure enough, the local officer was told them about the situation, and returned the money that Lin DaZhuang gave him. “DaZhuang, you see, although the two of you brothers have separated, however, one stroke can’t write the word Lin. What DaLi had done this time is not conscientious. Later on, us and the family will open the ancestral hall to request for the family teaching but this time, entering the palace, your family must definitely send one.”

“How can you all do this? Going back against your words. My family had already give the money for the head count earlier on.” Zhang mu cried saying, she did not expect that she would still have to send her child into the palace.

Lin DaZhuang clenched his fists tensely on the side, nearly wanting to beat up Lin DaLi.

Lin DaLi saw it and in response, hurriedly hold his brother’s leg. “Brother, your younger brother already knows wrong. I was blinded by money. I will give you another ten silver taels to compensate you all.”

Lin DaZhuang didn’t listen, still well. Once he heard of it, he was, even more angrily, beating his younger brother, Lin DaLi, until he yelping constantly.

Ke MeiLi saw that DaLi was beaten up, she went up to shield him, crying and shouting loudly, “Ah! Big brother, don’t beat him already. You are gonna beat him till death.”

“Who wants your money! Our family does not welcome you all.” Lin JiaWen heard the occasion outside, he also went out.

“Heng! You… you, how are you speaking to your elders? Is this how elder brother and elder sister-in-law teach you? And you’re still a scholar? Pei! Today, even if you all beat DaLi till death, your family still has to send one person to enter to the palace.” Ke MeiLi complacently said.

“Big brother, actually, I’m also doing this for the good of you all. You see your family’s ger child. His age is slowly getting older and he is a ger child, he has little strength. In the future, he also could not do any heavy work nor farm work. As for marriage, who will take a ger child as their wife. You all are also unwilling to let him be a rich man’s concubine. Don’t tell me that you are just going to support him at home for a lifetime. How good is it to go to the palace, you can save expenses and alleviate the family burden. He himself can also earn some money, how good!” Lin DaLi said with a ‘thinking for brother’ expression.

“What DaLi is right. You all should think about it properly. There is still a few days left, go and help your child prepare.” The local officer, not giving Lin DaZhuang a rebuttal opportunity, left his words and went off with the Lin DaLi couple.

“Father, mother, what second uncle said is right. Even if I stay at home, I’m also not useful. It’s better to let me enter the palace. I will take care of myself.” Lin JiaBao said, pretending to be strong, but his tears have fallen.

Lin JiaBao knew, from young, that he was different from other children. No children were willing to play with him. He remember when he was about four or five years old, a stranger came to their door and said that he wanted to buy him. The rich man’s family like his type of people,then he was chased away by his mother. When his mother took him out, he would always be point at and gossiped by others. His mother would always hold him and cry, but his parents is always treats him the best. If there is any delicious food in the family or any fun toys in the family, it will always first pass through him. Even his brothers and sisters are also very fond of him. Even after the birth of the dragon and phoenix pair, everyone still treat him very well just like nothing happened, and he also loved his family very much.

Zhang mu holds Lin JiaBao and cried. “JiaBao ah~, you are father and mother’s baby. Father and mother have never felt that you are a burden. Father and mother is really reluctant to send you away! This, killing with a thousand knives, Lin Dali even dare to do this thing…wu wu…”

Lin DaZhuang stayed silent. He knows that there is no other way already. If they don’t gather enough people, then its afraid that the whole village would suffer a calamity so they could not blame the local officer’s resoluteness. And, if their family has to choose one, JiaBao is also the most suitable choice.

Lin DaZhuang stepped forward and placed JiaBao in his embrace. “JiaBao, you don’t blame father and mother, alright. After you enter the palace, be good, ok. Father and mother will wait for you to come back. In the future,even if, father and mother is no longer here, there’s still your brother, your younger brother, your elder sisters and younger sisters….don’t worry!”

Lin JiaWen swore: “JiaBao, you don’t worry. In the future, big brother will support you. When big brother has a son, I will make your nephew provide for your retirement and pay you filial piety.”

Lin JiaCai also yelled from the side. “Me too, me too, I also want to provide for second brother’s retirement.”

For a moment, the whole family surrounded each other and hugged as a group.

Since they had accepted it, Lin DaZhuang’s family was bustling. Zhang mu was busy taking the shoes, Saozi was busy sewing clothes, and second sister, Lin LiEr, was also preparing to embroider a pouch for JiaBao. Even the dragon and phoenix pair seemed to have grown up overnight, helping them to do housework.

Lin JiaWen did not revise in these few days, but instead, taught Jia Bao to read. He have taught him a bit in the past,but he thinks that its better for JiaBao to learn a little more. In addition, he also told Lin JiaBao about the many things to pay attention to. Don’t cause troubles, don’t meddle in others’ business, be strong, be low-key, don’t be hostile towards others, and so on, about some etiquette on how to treat people. After all, Lin JiaWen is a scholar and comparatively knows more.

Lin JiaBao attentively listened and trying hard to remember what his big brother said.

Time passed quickly, and soon, it was time for them to gather. Lin JiaBao’s whole family and the village’s nine other peoples’ family went together with the local officer to the county town to see them off.

“JiaBao, after going to the palace, you have be good. Father, mother and your brothers and sisters are waiting for you. Your second sister helped you embroidered a pouch, have to place it carefully. There are ten silver taels in it. When you reach the palace, be a little more quick-witted. If there’s a need to bribe any, don’t save it, atleast you can eat a little less bitter. Also, remember what your big brother said.” Lin DaZhuang, not assuredly, repeated.

Just amidst the Lin family members’ unwillingness, the loaded carriage carrying ten people, including Lin JiaBao, was escorted by the servants and drove out of Pei County’s city walls.

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